Unfriend-ed πŸŽ‰

IT IS HERE! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2017 …you know to those who made it! Ha ha 

Social media has become a way for us as people to connect with tons and tons of interesting people from all over the world. It is fascinating to communicate with people from different countries and learn about different cultures. Yet, as great and as advanced technology has become, somehow we have gotten lost and caught up in the obsession of gaining likes and followers that we forget about the beautifulness that is human interaction. We judge people (and yes me included) on what they post that we believe that is who they are on the inside. Social media is for entertainment, spewing hatered when it’s around presidential election time, or to find a justifiable reason to unfriend someone when injusticies happen. You know, it becomes Opinionbook and E V E R Y O N E is a racist on both ends of the spectrum since we can’t agree to disagree like adults. (Please note the HEAVILY implied sarcasm. Ha ha. I know everyone isn’t racist, just the ones I’ve unfollowed. KIDDING! Lol) Unfriend. What does this mean? To the prideful, selfish, self indulgent person it means I hate you. It means I have somehow deleated you from the very existence of life! You can’t eat or sleep until you can figure out a way I have deleted you; because there’s no way you can pick up the phone and actually call me! Social media was our only form of communication, so calling me would be so clichΓ©. Or you know I have unfriended you so you post passive aggressive things about me instead of talking directly to me. That must mean I hate you, right? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Ha ha. Everyone has their reasons as to why they would unfriend someone. As for me, here are a few of reasons why I have cleaned up my friends lists for 2017:

A) WE FELL OUT: This is too common, especially within the female jiggy-jungle. Maybe we started 2016 together, then somewhere along the way we somehow grown apart. 

B) WE DON’T TALK, PERIOD: I understand true friendship is not dependent upon talking everyday. Yet, when not everyday turns into not at all, why are we still keeping tabs on each other? Seems I am the one to forgive and extend the olive branch. I will try and try to come to some sort of compromise. I honestly expect one of two responses: 1. sure, lets talk. 2. No, Let’s end this now. What I am not equipped to handle is pure silence. Silence to me means you choose to hold on to the bitterness. I can’t grow if I don’t know. Meaning, neither one of us can change if we can not have a converstation about why we are hurt. You can not expect me to read your mind. Speak up. 

C) I DON’T KNOW YOU: There were very few in this catagory. These people added me to get to someone else or to ask about photography. Why would I add people I don’t know? Good question! I have no clue! Lol 

Listen guys, I love everyone. I am trying to get better at trying to see others as Christ sees them. As for me and my health and my soul, I have to be the one to walk away. I am so quick to mend bridges and try to fix the situation that I still leave myself open to be hurt once again. I am so quick to be submissive to your feelings that I forget about my own. This year in 2017, I have to learn to love me again. I have to learn to make myself whole before going all out to help others. I have a gift and a curse of a servants heart. Gift is I am willing to serve any and everybody by any means necessary. Curse is that it leaves me with ABSOLUTELY nothing left is my own personal, emotional gauge. It’s a new year, same me, just getting to a better, healthier, heavily Jesus seeking version of myself.

Dear reader, please do not take it to heart if I have unfriended you. More than likely we have stopped communicating in some way, shape, or form. If you feel this is not right, then LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! Instagram: marvetteg89 Snapchat: marvetteg. Welcome to 2017 people! Let’s make it happen! Ciao! XOXOπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


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