To: My Ex-Best Friend πŸ’”

It’s never a right time to say good-bye. I gotta go my own way. It’s over and I feel so alone, this is a saddness I’ve never known. I know you mad, but so what? I wish you the best of luck, and now i’m finna throw them deuces up! All songs plus many many more that perfectly describe how best friendships hurt just like our romantic ones. What happens when best friends forever end so suddenly? 

Recently I had to really question myself and see why some of the friendships I have had for the L O N G E S T time just don’t work. I had to have a super long talk with Jesus and ask Him why do some people treat me the way they do? Am I allowing them or am I being that naive and ignoring the red flags that have been there all along? Answer is all of the above! πŸ˜‚ People treat you how you allow them to treat you. My heart, God bless it, is so big and fragile, that people take advantage of it in the worse way. I will never understand why people take kindness as weakness. Or take nativity as being dumb. It truly perplexs me to no end. Now, this is not to bash anyone; oh not at all! This is not to place fault in any one person, oh no! This is just a blog for all the boys and girls who have been hurt by the people they have put their trust in just to be stabbed in the heart by the unforseeable actions of their best friend. This is for the boys and girls who beat themselves up and try to fight to make these friendships work just to come to a dead end. This is for the boys and girls who put walls up and shut everyone out for the actions of others ignoring the olive branch we have tried to reach out. 

 No one is perfect. No one is perfect. No. One. Is. Perfect. People are going to be people and people are going to make mistakes. People are going to be people and people are going to fall. That’s life and that’s okay. 

Social media will always be the permanent reminder of what was and is to never come again. All I truly want to say is God bless you, I hope you walk in crazy favor and I pray that one day we won’t repeat the same mistakes for when the next best friend comes around.I know 2017 has just started, yet life still continues and feelings are hurt. How do you deal with the lost of a friendship? Let me know! Snapchat: marvetteg Instagram: marvgee89. XOXOπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


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