Mr. George Foster 

Mr. George Foster is a well known and well respected head football coach of the Mean Machine Dream Team Youth in Cape Girardeau. I met him about four years ago seeing that he was my friends dad. I never believed her when she said he was a football coach, he was too quiet to me! Ha ha Yet once he opened up about sports, it was a completely different person talking to me at that moment. Lol here’s an interview I conducted with Mr. Foster gaining his perspective of the world we live in: 

What defines you as a person; like how do you view yourself? I view myself as a simple black american…I’m from the south, basically. I kept my sounther roots I’d like to think. Love everybody. What values me; uh what I value is trying to enjoy a bit of everybody, trying to take a piece of everybody, trying to look at the positive from everybody; that’s all I can do; try to do, trying to treat everybody how I would want to be treated, you know? I don’t know (laughs) I’m just a simple country boy. (Smiles and laughs) 

If you could sum yourself up in three words, what would they be? Oooh, come on! (Laughs) I don’t know…uh let’s see, loving, uh sports driven, uh… okay, three words…and (pauses looks out onto the field) AND child advocate! I love the kids! That’s good! I think that would definitely be three things that if someone were to ask me if I knew you, that would be the perfect three. Let’s see, child advocate. I love the kids! As long as I can send them home, (laughs) you know to somebody’s home anyway (laughs). ​

Okay, now my last question is going to be a little tougher. But I want you to give me a real raw answer, okay? What does being a black American mean to you? Dedicated to the cause! Okay, what I mean by dedicated to the cause is the same things our older black folks have died for; the right to vote, to which I know a lot of us didn’t do; uh standing up for yourself! Being proud of who you are! The excuses that we have now, that we NEVER use to have; our black people before us, our grandparents our great grandparents; it would have been easier for them to have excuses too! But they didn’t have excuses. You know, now the youngest set (generation); everybody has excuses! You know before welfare, what do you think happened before welfare? EVERYBODY has welfare now! My grandparents, they didn’t have welfare. Okay? They had to get out there and work, do what they had to do, you know we survived. Use to be a time we all took care of each other, you know? Use to take a village to raise a family. Now, now we’ve gotten away with that, as black americans. (Laughs) I don’t know, I love my people! I love them dearly! Okay? I will be black until I die, I will die for my cause like I said! (Laughs) I know, I guess I grew up in a different era. You know, I remember being the first African American to go to my elementary school and JR High school, you know, during the bussing. Uhh, being called different little names as you can imagine, yet all of us were stronger for it; you know, all of us took care of each other. Little black boys took care of little black girls, little black girls took care of little black boys. We didn’t degrade each other. We didn’t call each other the “B” word or the “N” word, and all that other crazy stuff. I just feel like, that we as a black people need to stop being so hard on ourselves, hard on everyone else; lighten up is what I am trying to say. You know, the good Lord is going to take care of us, He is going to make a way for ALL His people. He is going to make a way. Everybody is worried about Mr. Trump. I’m a little worried about him too, but I think in the long run he is going to realize that he is going to need us just as much as we need him. It’s going to be hard to survive in America when you are a minority in your own country. You know what I mean? In a nut shell; the bottom line is that there’s good white folks, there’s good black folks, there’s good and bad in both and there’s good and bad in everybody. We just have to learn to take everyone for who they are.”

I hope and pray you guys got a little something out of this interview and the interviews that are to come. It is so fascinating to me to pick the brains of both the older and younger generations and gain a new perspective of the world around us. Thank you Mr. Foster for setting the example for our young black men to follow. 

Ciao, XOXO💋💋💋


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