Miss Karmelia Prince

Miss Karmelia, can I say this one was by far my favorite interview! I adore her views and I can see how strong she is through her world view. Once again, this is to set a positive black image and just for the world to see how we 20 and 30 somethings see the world as it is today. Black History is more than Malcom X, Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are making history E V E R Y D A Y! Here is a great interview I conducted with Miss Karmilia Prince: 

“WHAT DEFINES YOU AS KARMELIA? HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF? God fearing, compassionate, caring…stubborn…AREN’T WE ALL? (both laugh) ARE YOU THE BABY OF THE FAMILY? Yes, yes I am! (Both laughs) I THINK THAT’S A ‘BABY OF THE FAMILY’ TRAIT! (Both laughs) I am a little spoiled. I’m not going to change that, so…(both laughs) It is what it is! No worries there. (Laughs) I’m loving, i’m loyal…so yeah. 

SO WHAT ARE THREE WORDS THAT SUM UP WHO YOU ARE? Christian. All woman. What would be a third one? (Looks around) Um…i’m trying to think of a good one to say. Selfless? Yeah, selfless. Like, i’m not a selfish person. I give my all to everybody. 

MY LAST QUESTION WILL BE TOUGH! BUT I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU ANSWER. (Laughs) Okay… OKAY, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT BEING A BLACK AMERICAN TODAY? I feel like my life doesn’t matter. My opinion doesn’t matter. And I don’t want to say fear because I believe in a God that knows all (laughs); I feel that God will heal us as a land; I feel that as a people we need to come together because as of right now I feel that we are all divided. And I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe for my father, I don’t feel safe for my brother, you know, I don’t feel safe for my sister, and I don’t feel safe for the generations that is coming behind us. Instead of us moving forward I feel like we are moving backwards. I really want to look at it as me being a black woman, you know; ‘I’M STRONG! I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD!’ and I want to push forward with that, but who back us up? You know, I can push forward with that all I want too, but if no one is behind me, then where am I going to go? NOWHERE! You are going to sit stagnant… THAT IS A GOOD VIEW! DO YOU EVER THINK THAT HOLDS YOU BACK SOMETIMES? I believe it does! Let’s say me being a black woman and a white woman go for the same position–she’ll more than likely get it; even if I have more experience; because she is a white woman. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS? I think it’s a fear of what black people can do! We are strong and they see we are strong, but they want to keep us weak. (Laughs) That’s just how I look at it and it’s a shame and sad to say that it’s easier for a black woman than a black man. Being the double minority that we are, why is it so much tougher for “us” than “them”?! You know?! (Laughs) AND and if we do get something, “they” say, ‘oh it’s because of affirmative action’. NOT BECAUSE of my ability, my talent or my skill, you know, it’s because I should feel privileged that I get my 40 acres and a mule! (Both laughs) THAT IS A STRONG STANCE! I RESPECT THAT! (Laughs) That is just how I see it! We’ll just throw out affirmative action to make “them” feel better about themselves, BUT, at times I feel like others don’t think we as black people have the same ability as others do. So it’s like, ‘oh well, we have to have a black person so they won’t say we’re racist so I’ll give it to them’. You know? I LOVE THAT! (I say sarcastically) YES! You’re the only one in the company and if I just get that one black in there; no other cultures like latino, asain or something like that, oh no! Just one black person IN THE WHOLE COMPANY and they like, ‘we’re not racists!’ (Laughs) THAT’S MY FAVORITE! I LOVE THAT! (Again, I say sarcastically). That is just how I view the world, you know.”

And what a beautiful view it is! Karmilia is one strong, beautiful, proud black woman and I am forever grateful for you for sharing your world with me. We are all game changers and history makers, and it starts by being a stronger healthier community; truly becoming one nation under God. 

Ciao XOXO💋💋💋


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