Miss Kayla Foster 

To know Kayla is to know…and I mean this in the most respectable way possible,  Kayla is very head strong. There is no answer she does not know because she will take the annoyingly, meticulous time to find the answer. Then double check just to make sure everyone is satisfied with the answer that is provided. I will warn you, Kayla did rant a bit and I provoked her to do so. Again, the purpose of this series to really jump into the minds of the men and women of color to view their world and their truths. Check out this awesome interview I conducted with Kayla: ​

​”WHAT DEFINES KAYLA? Faith, family, friends, football. WOW! ANYTHING DEEPER THAN THAT? (Laughs) THAT IS DEEP! WHAT MAKES KAYLA WHO KAYLA IS? These questions are deep, geeze! What makes me who I am? I try not to be the standard ‘sterotypical’ female. LIKE BLACK FEMALE? Why does it have to be black female? Just a female in general. Girls have this bad rap of ‘girls are supposed to be domesticated’, they stay in the kitchen, they know their place–that’s what they’re supposed to do, and i’m a girl that likes to hang with the boys and play football YET at the same time be domesticated. You know? I like to get my nails done and there’s a lot of different sides to be than just your ‘basic’ female. 

WHAT THREE WORDS BEST DESCRIBE YOU? Faith, family, football. 

THIRD QUESTION IS DEEPER, AND I REALLY WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU ANSWER. WHAT DOES BEING A BLACK AMERICAN MEAN TO YOU? (Pauses) Means I have to work twice as hard and be twice as better than anybody I go up against. It means I have to be twice as good and twice as better; I have to try twice as hard at everything I do in order to get what I want from life and from what I need from people. In order to be recognized how I should, it means I have to work twice as hard. That’s my answer. IS THAT IT? IS THAT ALL? Yeah! I mean, that’s pretty much my entire life. I had to work twice as hard and be twice as good. I have to work harder than other people do just because when people see a black female it’s the same sterotypical thing; hands on hips, neck rolls, the poorest of grammer, always with an attitude; like these black females that are on TV; I AM NOT THAT AT ALL! That’s nowhere close to who I am or where I want to be. I have goals and I have dreams just like everyone else, and I don’t feel like I need or have to be stuck to that title. Just like I think it’s dumb that people think since my name is Kayla, I guess that’s a ‘white’ name; whatever that means; but they don’t believe my name is Kayla, what is is supposed to be? They get surprised that I don’t have a whole bunch of apostrophes, go by Shanaynay or Shaniqua, have six different kids by 10 baby daddies — I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THAT HAS TO DEFINE WHO I AM! (we both sat silent) Sorry. I went on a rant. NO THAT’S WHAT I WANTED! KEEP GOING! It’s true! When people ask me if Kayla is my real name, I always want to ask ‘What is it supposed to be?'” 

Shakespeare beautifully writes, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. We are all named with a predetermined purpose and destiny for our lives. Each name, no matter how unique in spelling or pronunciation, makes each of us very unique in our own ways. Kayla is smart and strong willed. Kayla’s of all nationalities could learn a thing or two from her. 

We are only on day 10 and we still have more interviews to bring to you guys. I hope once again, that you begin to see the world through the eyes of our young men and women of color. We were raised to believe that we are the children of the future. There is a point for us to stop saying it, and fully become what we believe. 

Ciao, XOXO💋💋💋


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