MARVelous Mondays!

OKAY OKAY OKAY,  I am getting a bit older and I have to start being committed to a few things. Example, waking up at a reasonable time in the day, drinking water, setting up my own doctors and/or dentist appointments, and BLOGGING at a regularly scheduled pace! HA HA! 
For those who do not know, my name is Mar'Vette and I am what is classified as a random person. How random? Who knows! Some say I may have A.D.D, to them I say that freshly cut grass is probably the best smelling thing in the world to my nose. HA HA. I am not sure why I want to talk about myself, but I have nothing but free time and the internet, so here ya go! My goal at the end of the day is to brighten up your Monday one MARVelous post at a time. YET, this is not just about me folks! Oh no! This platform is for you as well. Make sure you like, share, comment and share for those who need a pick me up on their Mondays. Email me at and let's get this conversation started. Can I count on you to be there? PEACE AND BLESSINGS! ✌🏿 XOXO💋💋💋

My So-Called MARVelous Life573


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